The German Chemical Society (GDCh) is one of the world's largest and most important chemical science societies with around 30,000 members from science, industry, authorities and freelance work. Every two years, the GDCh organizes the GDCh Science Forum Chemistry (WiFo for short) at changing locations in Germany, where chemistry is presented in all its breadth as an integrative scientific discipline. The focus is particularly on the topics of synthesis and catalysis, life sciences, materials, energy, resources and the environment. A trade exhibition accompanies the congress.


Further highlights

  • over 1,500 participants from industry and universities

  • around 250 lectures with several plenary lectures, presented by leading experts

  • 500 posters

  • a PosterParty where young scientists discuss future changes

  • the traditional ScienceParty (formerly the conference dinner)



History of WiFo

-------------------------------------------------- ------------

2007 in Ulm "Energy, Materials, Synthesis"
2009 in Frankfurt "Safe Living through Chemistry"
2011 in Bremen "Chemistry Creates Future!"
2013 in Darmstadt "Chemistry - Element of Life"
2015 in Dresden "Chemistry Unites"
2017 in Berlin "Chemistry - A Driving Force"

2019 in Aachen "Chemistry - The Common Element"