Group discount

Take part in the WiFo 2021 together with the employees of your working group and benefit from the group discount!
From the fourth regular registration (four paying participants, including at least one full payer), working groups will once again have the opportunity to register for the conference for up to six additional students / PhD students free of charge. The prerequisite is that all participants belong to the same working group.
Registration is possible until July 2, 2021 by e-mail to
Please send us the following information:
- Name of the group leader
- Name of the already registered full payer of the group
- Names of the three previously enrolled paying students / PhD students
- Name, first name and e-mail addresses of other group members who wish to participate in the WiFo 2021 free of charge.
Participants who make use of the group discount will receive an e-mail with an appropriate registration link, which they can use to register for the WiFo 2021.